What is the OC?

        OC is a blockchain platform that aims to solve the problem of large inventory volume, slow turnover of funds in the world’s traditional production enterprises, and massive economic bubbles on the online trading platform.OC founder Mrs. Liu-Ying proposed the technology for the first time in Madagascar and seek resource support from the government of Madagascar, it has been strongly supported by the president of Madagascar for policy, the Madagascar government expects OC to bring new developments to the local economy and trade, At the same time, it also encourages the Sea chain to go out of the country and go to the world.OC started the project in March 2016 and has been steadily advancing over a year. Now, the global operating communities have been established in three countries, including Madagascar, China and Brazil.In the operation of China community, the OC team also tried to seek China government resources cooperation, OC now has access to Guiyang municipal government policy support. The Guiyang municipal government will give full support to OC, adopting the latest blockchain technology and docking with the large enterprises in Renhuai Maotai Town, OC will open up a new chapter for the development of blockchain.Building a world wide web trading ecosystem will be the pursuit of the OC team.

        About OC tokens, OC team made the effective marketing plan, to ensure that the OC in the free market value is relatively stable, as the OC can be a super pay everyone likes to use tools to lay the foundation. At the same time, OC will be able to connect more world government resources and application entities in the future, and the application of OC will bloom all over the world.

Sixth Advantage

OC is a blockchain technology for global network trading platform, the most valuable essence of the OC team is the solid work. In order to bring OC to the world early, OC has been set up in three countries around the world: Madagascar, China, Brazil.

Three international communities that have already been setup for global application

In the OC operation and the distribution of Madagascar, and other countries in Africa, such as Benin, Ethiopia and Kenya, the OC team have strong government resources. At the invitation of the China government and the OC team, the President of Madagascar will visit China from March to April 2018, and exchange the blockchain technology for the development of local economic cooperation global network transaction application chain. Then OOC team need to expand the business around the world, these good government relations provide a solid foundation for OOC to become international tokens.

Strong government resources

OC have more than 15 years from Argentina, more than 7 years from France of internet development experience at the core of the senior technical engineers, the more powerful technical support for the application of OC cross-platform real docking escort, more applications will be landing in the docking system platform.

International technical support

OC technology has obtained some Maotai leading enterprises for application approval where in Maotai Town, Renhuai, Guiyang, and reached a strategic cooperation with OC, used the latest blockchain technology to solve their current wine inventory pressure, slow retun of money such as thorny problem. Let OC will be setup more application entities in China.

Already setup application scene

The application for OC is to help enterprises to digest stock and help the online trading platform to absorb the economic bubble. This also determines the interaction of OC and entity with the characteristics of mutual prosperity. Companies and trading platform need OC to deal with inventory and bubbles, while encouraging these companies and trading platforms to continue to buy OC. In this way, even if there is a general depression in the currency market, the OC will generate continuous market demand due to the natural consumption economy.

The market demand for an unfailing OC

OC orientation is to help enterprises to digest inventory, help digest economic bubble create from internet trading platform, the blockchain technology is put forward for the first time in Madagascar, also only in the world’s first put forward the issue. OC team will use the latest blockchain technology to solve the problems of online transactions in the world, which will bring disruptive change to the world network transaction.

The world’s first blockchain that offers online trading platforms to absorb economic bubbles.

Core team

strength guarantee

  • Liu Ying

    Duties: OC founder and leader of Afirca

    Introduction:China and Madagascar business friendly ambassador, vice president of the Chinese Association of China in Madagascar, received the president of Madagascar, Minister of energy, Minister of defense and military police and other official reception, its individual investment industries include telecommunications, internet, finance, mines, mahogany, hotels, horse racing, and so no. It has a wide range of business. She have many project have signed cooperation with the office of the president of Madagascar. Only in 2017 was recommended as:and other large China enterprises with presidential palace in Madagascar to negotiate business and to sing an international trade contract worth billions of dollars.

  • Essien

    Duties: OC co-founder

    Introduction:Madagascar Herimany RAHARISON law firm partner, Madagascar’s largest mining project Antigua multidimensional nickel cobalt partner, freight company. He is proficient in French, Chinese, English and Madagascar. Owns more than 1000 acres of cross-border logistics yard in Madagascar, 2gold, 1 nickel cobalt, invested in the financial. Mainly for the OC in Madagascar to provide solid trading platform docking, coss-border e-commerce, Madagascar funds and other services.


    Duties:Leader of the community of China

    Introduction:China earlier blockchain entrepreneurs, media marketing experts, 15 years of brand marketing experience, brand marketing planning case for many Fortue 500 companies, Silicon Valley 11 years of work experience, as early Google Senior Product Manager and marketing director of Asia Pacific region, in internet+ entities operating after returning China, set up the禾康贸易 and 云浪科技 companies, and the 禾康贸易 create an annual turnover of more than $30 million in 2016, that for cross-border e-commerce.

  • Michael

    Duties:Leader of the community of Brazil

    Addr:Rua Paulo Eduardo, 512 Mogi das Cruzes – SP – Brazil.

    Introduction:Chinese, graduated from Harvard University majoring in computer science, finance and economics, beachelor’s degree, 9 years experience in overseas trade, proficient in cross-border electricity supplier promotion operations, the Stem (America) copyright protection application platform blockchain technology major investors, former president of Lguama company in Brazil.

  • Pablo


    Introduction:Argentina senior technology, graduated from Harvard University, computer Ph.D., the original Google architecture engineer, has the development experience for more than 15 years, in-depth research on the application of blockchain technology for 5 years, and has a number of blockchain technology patents. Proficient in C language, JAVA, GO language development, is a full type engineer.

  • Pierre

    Duties: Core technology development.

    Introduction: Graduated from Université Paris - Sud de France computer major, master, senior technical engineer of France, senior investor of bitcoin, currently working in TOTAL company. Senior software development engineer, devoted to research and application development of blockchain technology application.

  • wang tong

    Duties: Core technology development.

    Introduction:Graduated from GuangZhou University computer science, now is  Sydney University master of software testing professional, proficient in: C, C + +, C #, JAVA, H5, proficient in blockchain technology application development, have been a jiuyou game engineer, and independently developed many chess and card games based on blockchain technology, and competitive games.

  • Alex

    Duties: Mexican investor.

    Introduction: Mexico investors, worked at Mexico's largest telecoms company-Telmex investment director, then self-employed, now is the founder for Itipsa brand, this brand has good visibility and reputation in Mexico, and Alex is investment followers of digital currency blockchain field, its portfolio of digital currency has brought him nearly income of tens of millions dollars.

  • huangweiji

    Duties: Hong Kong investor.

    Introduction: Hong Kong famous Internet investors, successively invested in the ETH, ShopsClues, tradekey, AntShares, Inchain…, is ETH most early investors, and he has a keen insight on the trend of investors. Fast, tough, must be his investment style, the current digital currency assets worth more than $5 million.

  • Vilma

    Duties: Guatemala senior investor

    Introduction: In Guatemala has large office supplies professional wholesale market, as early as 2011 began investing bitcoin, and then in the early invested $6 million in the ETH, wealth quickly skyrocketed, belongs to the digital currency ashes level fan, now is the OC investors.

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Development History


Market Research and completion of project feasibility analysis report.



Founders set up OC project,a blockchain technology open cross platform and a huge market economy sharing platform.



OC core team was set up and identified the site of theproject: the southeast African country, Madagascar.



Release OC whitepaper 1.0 version, setup the official website, and starting create the OC api layer.



Expansion team, setup OC blockchain technology R&D center, create the blockchain api layer



Setup OC global strategic alliance, continue to improve platform technology application development, and start the wallet development.



OC whitepaper 2.0 version released, promotion, OC global fundraising into schedule. Begin to expand the technical and marketing team members.



OC system platformcompleted. Many financial company visit. Got strategic support from relevant China legal institutions.



Setup three regional operation centers of Madagascar, China and Bazil. Setup public relations teams of governments and seek cooperatin with governments and financial institutions.



Singed a strategic cooperation agreement with “Maolian Wuzhow”e-commerce platform n Guizhou, China, implement more OC’s global real application,let people recognize and use virtual cryptographic digital currency.



Optimize OC application and wallet 1.0 version test.



Launch of OC angel fund raising, Appointment to invite the President of Madagascar to visit China.


JFebruary – March

Launch OC global startup conference. Officially open the OC global fund raising and roadmap promotion,to issue token, began logon to Exchange.


After April

In-depth development of OC multi-language API interface.

Connect more global online trading platform and offline industry.

Promotion of OC investment,fund raising and third-party

application cooperation,

enterprise alliance,and

government cooperation.

API layers technology continues to improve,

development the deepertechnology combine AI.

nto the blockchain financial market, Continuous technical reserve for application innovation of various scenarios.Seek more governments and

businesses to support more global resources.

Community Address